MCAL committees are an integral part of our association’s structure.

Regulation & Legislation Committee

This committee reviews and monitors regulations and legislation affecting assisted living homes and services. This committee will be highly involved in discussions and material review regarding the future of assisted living in Michigan and Nationally. This committee will participate in statewide committees and will offer testimony where recommended. This committee may meet up to 6 times per year.

Marketing & Communication Committee

This committee will focus on communicating the value of membership to current and prospective members. Membership retention and development will be a focus of this committee through
demonstration of value. Additionally, this committee will develop a comprehensive plan for information dissemination along with website, social media and print media opportunities. This committee will work closely with the Education committee and other committees and taskforces as directed by the Board. The board will determine specific areas of member development in cooperation with the committee chair. This committee will also work on the development of a member ambassador program. This committee may meet up to 6 times per year.

Quality & Education Committee

This committee works closely with the NCAL to assist in implementing the NCAL Quality Initiatives throughout member homes and will work with members to encourage participation in data collection and bench marking opportunities as well as supporting member participation in the NCAL Quality awards. The committee also works on education specific to the assisted living profession including Medication Management Train the Trainer, CALD and other topics as needed based on input from other MCAL committees and promotes the MCAL Annual Awards. A representative of this committee will serve on the HCAM Education committee to assist in planning the Annual Convention, Spring Leadership Conference and other collaborative efforts. This committee may meet 4—6 times per year as needed.

Taskforces – by Invitation Only

The MCAL Board will establish Taskforces for limited times and for limited specific bodies of work to support or expand the work of some of the committees. For 2021 the board has established both a Workforce and COVID-19 Lessons Learned taskforce. Details of each will be provided at the first meetings. Initial participation on the taskforces will be by invitation only – this may change at a later date.

MCAL Committee Request to Enroll

If you are interested in joining a committee, please submit your interest via this form. Committee membership is limited – all requests to join a committee are subject to review and approval.

Open enrollment for committee selection is held annually from November – December.

Click Here for a printable version of the committee selection form.

  • Select the committee(s) you are interested in serving on.