CALD Renewal

Certified Assisted Living Director (CALD) Renewal

  • All CALD certifications are up for renewal on October 31, 2024. 
  • This cycle runs from November 1, 2021 – October 31, 2024.
  • Renewal is valid for 3 years. 
  • Renewals require 30 CEs, with an average of 10 hours earned per year, to qualify for renewal.

1. If this is your first renewal period, required CE’s are prorated based on when you received certification.  Reference the chart HERE to determine the number of CE’s required for renewal.
2. If you received your CALD this year (Jan. 1, 2021 – Oct. 31, 2021) you will not renew until October 31, 2024.


All renewal requirements must be met by October 31, 2024.

If the deadline is not met, you will no longer be a HCAM Certified Assisted Living Director.

A 60-day late renewal period allows you to use this form to renew until 12/31/2024; however you must complete all renewal requirements and pay a $50 late fee.

Renewal can be completed online – credit card payment is required with submission.

To pay renewal fees with check or money order, complete the “Printable Renewal Form” and mail along with payment to:

Health Care Association of Michigan
Ref: CALD Renewal
7413 Westshire Dr.
Lansing, MI  48917

(Checks/Money Orders should be made payable to HCAM)

Online Renewal (requires credit card payment with submission):
CE Reporting Chart Online Renewal Form

Renew by Mail (requires check or money order with submission):
Printable Renewal Form


For auditing purposes, each certified assisted living director is responsible for keeping records and certificates to determine the total number of hours earned. HCAM does not collect and store this information but reserves the option to request proof of continuing education for audit purposes from any CALD applying for renewal.  HCAM will conduct periodic audits at random.

The following instructions are to assist you in reporting your continuing education (CE):

1. If the program is focused on assisted living (HFA, AFC or senior housing) but does not contain a state of Michigan or NAB approval number you must retain and submit (if audited) a certificate of attendance or proof of attendance provided by the educational organization or trainer which contains the attendee name and the number of class hours excluding breaks or lunch.

2. Programs that have been approved by the NAB or by the state of Michigan for AFC or for NHA purposes should have an approval number included on the proof of attendance. Programs approved for NHA must have educational objectives and content that are applicable to assisted living in order to qualify for CALD CEs.

3. If the continuing education is a college course focused on assisted living, report both the course name and the institution. Please calculate CE credit as follows:

    1. For term hours: 1 college credit X 10 term hours = 10 clock hours.
      Example: a 3 credit course would equal 30 hours.
    2. For semester hours: 1 college credit x 15 semester hours = 15 clock hours.
      Example: a 3-credit course would equal 45 hours.

4. Up to 20 hours of the 30 hours CE may be earned through self-study courses.

5. Please do not send attendance certificates with renewal application and fee.

If you have questions about the renewal process please email Jenny Post.

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Online Renewal

Credit Card Payment Required with online renewals.  Be sure to complete the CE Reporting Chart for upload with your registration, also.

CE Reporting Chart

CALD - Renewal

  • Max. file size: 24 MB.
    Attach your completed CE Report (template linked above) here.
  • 125.00
  • $0.00
  • American Express
    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa